Reunion Lane - Acoustic Music in Hamony

“Reunion Lane played a great set at the Towersey Festival. Their musicianship and vocal harmony brought both laughter and tears to very appreciative audience. Top band.” Jim Greenhough, Thame Club Organiser

“Reunion Lane blend a huge range of sources and influences to produce one of the best soundscapes you will hear in a folk club. Dave sings and plays superb guitar, Alison is a wonderful singer and plays duet concertina and Simon has a real mastery of  the melodeon.
I know that is a lot of superlatives but they are that good. “. Bob Templeman, Chesham Folk Club.

Always popular at MFC, this trio are skilled and engaging performers who delight audiences with their well-chosen songs complemented by subtle arrangements and rich vocal harmonies.” Mary, Maidenhead Folk Club

“With their combination of mesmorising vocal harmonies and traditional instruments they really stand out at any event. They always perform to the highest standards and like to get the audience involved.” Simon Markland, Thame Music Academy